Film production complex to be built in Tallinn by 2018

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Estonian movie makers have established a joint venture called Tallinn Film Wonderland to build a film industry hub in Tallinn's Kopli district by the end of 2018.

«Our film makers have recently attracted a lot of international attention and this has increased interest in this region,» Tallinn Film Wonderland CEO Liina Maria Lepik said. In her words, Estonian production companies and other service providers offer a high quality at reasonable prices but have been prevented from offering their services to foreign customers owing to lack of studio capacity.

A state foreign production support scheme that is in its first year in Estonia would make attracting foreign productions considerably easier when combined with studio opportunities, Lepik said, adding that at the moment millions of euros annually pass by Estonia's film and advertising industry and affiliated fields.

The purpose of the film industry hub is to give a boost to the export of film services and attract more foreign production teams. It is planned to build three 14 meters high sound stages that can be combined into one massive stage if necessary.

Tallinn Film Wonderland shareholders are Allfilm, Taska Productions, Nafta Films, Stellar, Kinosaurus, Filmivabrik and the Estonian Film Industry Cluster that unites 17 film producers. The company was founded on July 14, 2016.