New Estonian National Museum is open

In all some 34,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete was used in the frame, walls, floor and roof of the new building of the Estonian National Museum that was opened in a ceremony on Thursday evening.

Precast concrete elements used in the building were manufactured at the plant of OU TMB Element in Tartu and altogether 2,200 such elements with a total volume of 3,600 cubic meters and weighing 9,000 tons were supplied. Construction workers used approximately 30,000 cubic meters of on-site cast concrete in the structure, the company TMB that manufactured the elements said.

Vallot Mangus, board member of AS TMB, said that where at first sight the new building seems to be made of glass, as a matter of fact on-site cast concrete and precast concrete were used in the building in very big amounts.

Mangus said the biggest challenge was posed by the manufacture of concrete beams of very demanding design.

«The element that we produced in the biggest numbers is hollow core slab, of which 1,143 units were used,» he added.

The main contractor in the Estonian National Museum project was the company OU Fund Ehitus, which started building the structure in 2013. 

The new building of the Estonian National Museum stands in the territory of a former airfield and base for Soviet long-range bombers at Raadi on the northern outskirts of Estonia's second largest city Tartu.

The building was designed by Paris-based DGT architects.