Tallinn borough governor declared suspect as accessory to embezzlement

The governor of the borough of North Tallinn, Raimond Kaljulaid, said on Twitter after an interview with the Internal Security Service (ISS) that he had been declared a suspect as accessory to embezzlement.

The suspicion against Kaljulaid, a member of the Center Party, is connected with the ongoing corruption probe into Center Party leader Edgar Savisaar and a number of entrepreneurs and stems from advertisements his company made for the Hiiu stadium in 2013.

Kaljulaid told the news portal of the public broadcaster ERR that he was a businessman, not an official, at that time.

«I looked at totally different things - for the campaign materials to be completed on time, for the company not to make a loss, etc. Posters, flyers, films and other advertising materials featuring politicians were made by different parties at both the local government and state level, and of course I assumed and believe to this day that they were lawful,» Kaljulaid told BNS.

Kaljulaid asserted that he had never mixed up the city's money with the party's money.

The Office of the Prosecutor General said last week it was going to bring another suspicion against Savisaar who already has been suspended from the office of mayor of Tallinn due to previous suspicions, alleging that the Center Party leader used the city's budgetary resources for his own benefit. The suspicion is connected to advertisements for the 2013 local elections.

Suspicions against Savisaar so far concern four episodes of accepting bribes, money laundering and accepting large amounts of forbidden donations on behalf of the Center Party.