Reform Party's presidential candidates substantially ahead of others

Postimehe ja Kanal 2 koostöös valminud saates «Suur presidendidebatt» võtsid omavahel mõõtu presidendiks pürgivad Marina Kaljurand, Siim Kallas, Mart Helme, Eiki Nestor, Mailis Reps ja Allar Jõks.

PHOTO: Erik Prozes

Results of a fresh survey carried out by Estonian pollster TNS Emor show that presidential candidates of the Reform Party are substantially ahead of the other candidates, the daily Postimees reports.

As of last August Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand has been the most popular potential president of Estonia who is at present supported by 30.4 percent of respondents, while another candidate of the Reform Party, Siim Kallas, is supported by 22.3 percent.

Candidate of the opposition Center Party, Mailis Reps, is supported by 7.8 percent, candidate of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) and the Free Party, Allar Joks, by 6.9 percent, candidate of the Conservative People's Party, Mart Helme, by 6 percent and candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDE), Eiki Nestor, by 4.9 percent of respondents.

According to Aivar Voog, expert at TNS Emor, the results show that a few days before the election there will not be any major changes in the people's opinion.

He added that the fresh results are also important because historically after Estonia's restoration of independence the next president has always been a person who has been the most popular or second most popular in the last public survey before the election.

As a rule the most popular candidate among the people has won the presidential election, the only exception being Estonia's first president after the restoration of independence, Lennart Meri, who was the second most popular among people in 1992.