Vandals endeavour to empty reservoir

This Sunday, owner of Kunda, Lääne-Virumaa cement factory's hydroelectric plant and AS Generaator CEO Jan Niilo randomly showed up to check situation. To his surprise, he found the reservoir quietly letting out water. 

The gate in the bottom had been pried open, the one meant to lower the surface for repairs etc.

Why so, Mr Niilo was unable to tell. «Some showed up and speculated that perhaps someone tried to catch fish some way, but I cannot comment really,» said Mr Niilo.

Definitely, however, a bunch of men has been involved. «This is hard work, to get the gate open,» explained the man, adding it could not have been boys playing for it takes tools and devices. «The gate is heavy and deep underwater. They must have known what they were doing,» said Mr Niilo.

The hydroelectric plant building, the dam and the original turbine with transmission mechanisms darting back to 1893 are a construction monument and due to fragility endangered by the act.

Thankfully, the vandals succeeded not to open the gate fully, otherwise the reservoir might have emptied out within a few days. Then, sediments would have damaged the system.

The vandalism act was recorded by Rakvere police but the heavy rain right after the event significantly lowered the options for finding evidence, said owner. Also, police said they were not asked to trigger proceedings.

Mr Niilo said they are struggling with technical aspects of how to close the gate. «Opening it was somewhat easier,» explained Mr Niilo. «Due to the water pressure, it is difficult to push it back right now.»