Three parties invite Allar Jõks for a cup of coffee

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Yesterday, representatives of Centre, the Free and IRL met presidential candidate Allar Jõks in Hotel Palace, Tallinn. The meeting featuring Jaanus Karilaid and Kadri Simson (Centre), Andres Ammas and Andres Herkel (Free) and Margus Tsahkna (IRL) happened at initiative of Centre faction at Riigikogu. 

Ms Simson said it felt right for the Centre faction to meet all serious candidates for President. According to het, the meeting was brief and they did not delve too deep into essentials.

Also, Ms Simson underlined it was too early to talk about cooperation of Centre at the presidential elections with the Free and IRL (put together, these parties have 49 mandates in Riigikogu – edit) as it is a long way to go to the electoral body. «Our candidate Mailis Reps is working hard at potential members of electoral body and by the time the elections get to the body, the situation may have remarkably altered,» she said.

The Free leader Andres Herkel said they and IRL are in readiness to meet the Centre candidate Ms  Reps. «Can’t say yet if it will be just information exchange or leading to other steps,» he said.