Editorial: Clinton v Trump

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In Philadelphia yesterday, the Democratic Party ended its convention by setting up Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate. To showcase party unity, lots of top cadres supported Ms Clinton such as president Barack Obama and her primaries opponent Bernie Sanders. Somewhat surprisingly, a culmination was the emotional and mighty address by first lady Michelle Obama, historic by now no doubt.  

Despite the rather carefree facade, the democrats like rivalling republicans are deep in crisis with rebellion barely covered up against the leading figures.

Though invited by Mr Sanders to back Ms Clinton, his supporters will hardly do that – especially in light of the latest big scandals with Wikileaks leaking thousands of emails from Hillary’s campaign server where high ranking democrats call all to accumulate and use anti-Sanders materials.  

Like in the rest of the West, the US society is encountering something we might call a rebellion against the political elite.

For the Democrats who supported Mr Sanders as well as others who dislike Ms Clinton, the leak just serves as another reminder of Hillary Clinton being a representative of that hated and corrupt political elite.

What we are in for is a tough and tight election fight between Donald Trump and Ms Clinton. Like it or not,  the primaries turned Mr Trump into a symbol of change while Hillary embodies the old elite.

Lately, a lot has been said about the Kremlin potentially backing Mr Trump. Among other things, some see the hand of Russian hackers in the abovementioned leaks of Democratic emails.  Doubtless, The Kremlin would prefer a Trump White House, the latter basically promising a new reset such as the Obama administration once attempted.

As then secretary of state Ms Clinton got her fingers burned with that, she would probably be tougher with Russia if elected. Also, Mr Trump has basically called for a review of NATO while the American middle class is impoverishing.

But, then, Mr Trump might decisively differ in his actual approach if indeed appointed to lead the mightiest nation on Earth.