Leiger the Ferry test sailing at Sea of Marmara

Parvlaev Leiger merekatsetustel.

PHOTO: TS Laevad

Under construction in the Turkish shipyard Sefine, new ferryboat Leiger underwent gear tests on Sea of Marmara waters yesterday and the day before. At noon yesterday, website Marinetraffic showed Leiger under Estonian flag moving at 11 knots on Sea of Marmara near Istanbul doing tests. Once in Estonia, Leiger will sail the Rohuküla-Heltermaa line.

According to Kaido Padar, CEO of Port of Tallinn subsidiary TS Laevad, the ship is fine in water and is essentially ready. He underlined that TS Laevad is working seven days a week to bring the ferries into Estonia. «As soon as we know of the solutions, we will notify the public. We are ready for the darkest of scenarios,» ha said while admitting that things are tense with the ticket system also.

«In the traffic lights language, we are in the yellow phase. Just came from the board meeting, with the partners. The tests are underway, all kinds of devices have been supplied,» he explained. Ticket sales in the new system begin on September 1st.