Farm contests killing of thousands of swine

Katku tõttu hukatud sead Kallukse külas farmis.


Kallukse Pig Farm owner suspects that the samples by Veterinary and Food Board (VTA) which showed African Swine Fever and led to what he says was unnecessary killing of over 4,200 swine were incorrect. VTA claims the opposite.

Via its lawyer yesterday, owner of the West-Viru County based farm OÜ Sponsum said they will apply for VTA to do additional expert analysis.

The lawyer said that only one sample tested positive, and was based on PCR method untrustworthy according to manual.

During the killing, 65 animals were additionally tested and all proved negative.

The representative says the much more precise method if HAB which takes more time.

Also, OÜ Sponsum would file claim of compensation against VTA. They did not specify the sum as yet.

In its initial press release, VTA said the pigs were tested due to increased mortality. The layer says the mortality rate was normal.

VTA says they will be considering whether to do additional testing or not, claiming all is correct.

Also, they claim the PCR method is accredited i.e. officially recognised. A comprehensive report on methodology is underway.

In addition to above, business links have surfaced between pig farm owner and representing lawyer.