Estonians the third tallest on planet

, science reporter
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Illustration: Allikas: NCD Risk Factor Collaboration

According to the thoroughest tallness study thus far, world leaders in average height are Dutch men and Lithuanian ladies. In both categories, Estonians come third. 

The authors kept their silence regarding centimeters, and abstained from comparison from those that follow after. The study published today in eLife magazine was participated by close to 800 scientists from 179 countries.

As seen in results thereof, during this past century Europe has pulled ahead with Africa lagging behind. As specified by the authors, the chief tallness factors are nutrition and hygiene conditions.

«Animal protein and milk products consumption is linked with being taller,» said Imperial College professor and an author Elio Riboli.

In light of studies conducted, tall people tend to live longer and suffer less from cardiovascular diseases. 

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