Editorial: the second coming of Trump

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Photo: Scanpix/AP

With the Republican convention now behind us, what was the main message? Thru the speeches, basically the old GOP theme of their foreign and defence policy allegedly better than that of the Democrats. 

In April, obviously spurred by his breathtaking success at the primaries, Mr Trump came out with his views on foreign policy – unprofessional and at times stupid.

While foreign policy was not the top topic then, it might be at the Clinton-Trump debates in the fall.

Characteristic of the convention was the split as shown by the Bushes demonstratively avoiding the event, as well as the 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Within the party Mr Trump is at 70 percent popularity while the usual has tended to be ninety or more.

While coming across as a divisive figure, Mr Trump does perfectly read the American mood and how fed up the nation is with the by-now-grotesque political correctness and the meaningless babble pouring from lips of politicians.

To make use of that, Mr Trump has proven quite a virtuoso.

Basically, come next week it all starts from scratch with the US elections. The Trump-Clinton confrontation is expected to be mean as anything. And, doubtless, Donald Trump does have his sure chances.