Infamous mushroom seller attacks people in Tallinn marketplace

While in Finland as seller of mushrooms, Mart Kuus attacked a policeman. Early yesterday morning, he assaulted people in Tallinn Central Marketplace. Police found him carrying a knife and two weapons. 

Police press rep Helen Uldrich said they got a call as a man of 40 had injured three people taken to hospital by ambulance.

According to Ms Uldrich, the injuries are not life threatening. The attacker was apprehended by police who confiscated his knife and two weapons – an air gun and a pistol for firing signal rockets.

Initial information says the man attacked three vendors setting up their goods. Witnesses claim to have heard shots fired while police is currently unable to confirm that.

The motives of the man are being clarified. An eyewitness account to Postimees hints at the man having been drunk. The reader said the man initially tried to attack a woman but was hindered by a passerby.

Thereafter, he developed a quarrel with three men, one of whom he hit in the back of the head with a gun.

Postimees data says the man was Mart Kuus known for having attacked a policeman in Finland.

«Thanks to watchful witnesses the police was able to react promptly and detain the suspect. Thanks a lot for the help,» said Northern police prefecture head Leho Laur. He underlined the need to rather ask for help than to interfere in such instances, the more so when we do not know about arms carried.

If convicted in aggravated breach of public order, the man may be punished by imprisonment up to five years.