Editorial: Ragnar Klavan – dream realised for boy, boost for sports in Estonia

Ragnar Klavan will become Liverpool's fifth summer signing.

PHOTO: mirror.co.uk

Ragnar Klavan joining the legendary English football club FC Liverpool is a dream come true for a boy from Estonia, and an encouragement for sports in our nation. 

As the Liverpool anthem «You'll Never Walk Alone» goes, hardships are there to be overcome and hope always remains. Right choices choosing clubs, talent and the unavoidable willingness to work hard is what once took our goalkeeper Mart Poom to the English premier league.

Same goes for Mr Klavan.

Raised up by the local Estonian football school, he says he has longed to play at English top since childhood.

For our children playing the game today, thankfully Mr Klavan has always remained an excellent example. A participant in various charitable campaigns and promoting healthy lifestyle, he has been eager to urge kids to do sports.

And even more importantly, in public the man has always spoken with dignity and wisdom. Not surprisingly, therefore, he has risen to be a leader and captain for the national team of Estonia. Of him, we have every reason to be proud.