Accountant gambles away EUR 1 mln clients' money

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Photo: Peeter Langovits

Investigators of the Estonian central criminal police's economic crime division detained on Monday an accountant suspected of embezzling more than one million euros of clients' money a large part of which she gambled away.

The information collected until now by the investigators gives reason to believe that the 52-year-old woman caused damage to several dozen businesses over years and that the sums she transferred into her own account amount to 1.3 million euros. It appears from bank records that she spent most of the money on gaming and day-to-day expenses.

In order to prevent further crimes, the prosecution on Wednesday morning requested that the suspect be remanded in custody for the duration of pre-trial investigation. The request was granted.

As the investigation has not advanced beyond the initial phase, the police and the prosecution said more details cannot be made public.

The probe is conducted by the central criminal police and directed by the Northern district prosecutor's office.