Iggy Pop sent crowd sky high

Back from Latvia in the early hours some morning after, how dirty in body and pure in soul did on feel. All because of Positivus. And all because of Iggy Pop. The latter being the climax, we shall talk about the man.   

Larger than life as a stage character, how very special to see with own eyes this jumping Iggy Pop drop live into the arms of the audience and claim to be «a real wild child» at 69 years young.

And lay out a hit parade from «No Fun» to «1969» and «I wanna be your dog» to «Passenger» to «Search and Destroy» towards the end. In the hour and a half, he could not possibly have sun what all he has, but even from the latest LP he had the energy to bring forth «Sunday» and, asked back, «Gardenia».

There was some other stuff to feel wonderful about like Ho99o9, all black save the drummer. Like The Stooges of the black, having heard an overdose of Misfits.

All the way from Denmark, Lima proved utterly positive. To say nothing about the theatrical psycho-indie Mercury Rev.

In three words, who could capture a festival of this calibre. One will have to go and see. And hear. And experience.

Waiting for next year, while thinking about the food to grab along as what they offer was just toooo bad. While Latvia leads in festivals, we Estonians are way superior food wise.

But maybe that was intentional to make room for the music? For as we all do know, a hungry man is sharper somehow, and more receptive. Your author never ate so little and never felt so happy.

Thanks, Positivus!

Thanks, dear Iggy!