Three days at seaside in the woods

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This year, the accessory-in-chief at biggest & coolest Baltic music festival was... a daisy chain. 

Among the audience of Positivus No 10, every third gal perhaps was flower-crowned. For some who wanted that not, an orange necklace by an alcohol maker did it this time.

The way the flower children go, the folks gathered in Salacgriva, Latvia proved unbreakable by the wind and rain on day one, neither by the noise in the night at the camping site. As the six platforms, cinema, and kids area packed up for the night, the tents ground kept on partying and singing into the early hours.

And how does one sleep when in the tent «next door», fans seem satisfied to keep listening to this one song the whole festival thru?

Some came in costumes. We spotted Sid from «Ice Age», and Indians were around. A guy had painted himself all golden and liked so much to be photographed.  

And who said one would have to listen to music, at Positivus? Might as well do without that. To spend time playing basketball, jump on trampolines, or play all sorts of silly little games.

The kids had play time, crafts and readings of books. The movies included Estonian ones. The President Toomas Hendrik Ilves was signing a vinyl record «Teenage Wasteland» of songs he used to love when young.

Regarding food, it seemed to be wrap and kebab season, for most. To avoid missing the favourite band in it all, an app was available to tell you where to go and when.

Powered by that app, one was able to put together her own personal programme. Enjoying a concert was available in the form of easing it out on a hammock in the pines along the sea shore.