Sa, 28.01.2023
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Defmin says NATO should place heavy armored unit in Estonia

Defmin says NATO should place heavy armored unit in Estonia
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Photo: Margus Ansu / Postimees

Based on the decisions of the Warsaw summit, NATO should send a heavy armored unit to Estonia, Defense Minister Hannes Hanso said in the Riigikogu ahead of a meeting with members of the national defense committee on Monday.

The minister of defense will start negotiations with representatives of the United Kingdom this week on the setup of the NATO battalion to arrive in Estonia, the evening news program of ETV public television said on Monday.

«What matters is that they should be armored units, armored equipment, that is, preferably equipment of the heavier kind. The head of the British ground forces will come to Estonia already this week. I communicated my positions to the British minister of defense. In Warsaw also a bilateral meeting of the commanders of the defense forces took place. We are working on the details yet,» Hanso said.

A member of the parliamentary national defense committee, former Estonian chief of defense Ants Laaneots, said the 64 million euros pledged by NATO to Estonia must be used to strengthen the weaker points in national defense and that the matter should be discussed with experts beforehand.