Editorial: town flooded within minutes. Unavoidable, and to be repeated?

PHOTO: theidiotsage.wordpress.com

Let's face the facts. Doubtless, it was raining cats and dogs, yesterday. Equally true, however, the inability of municipal agencies to avoid the repeated flooding or at least to seriously alleviate the consequences. 

Not surprisingly, the force majeure card gets played by officialdom. This time, however, we are not talking about a situation as serious as that. The flooding was created very fast with basements, underground parking lots and shopping centres under water.

Sufficient to do a little search of news about July thru the years, and we will see that rainfall like that is nothing unusual. And that Tallinn just keeps on getting the same kinds floods in the very same spots.

As the sun came out and dried the city, let not the powers that be forget what happened like a passing tourist. If a pupil keeps flunking the same exam, serially, no need to blame the ones who compiled the questions. One better learn.

Likewise, let the shopping centres see about the quality of construction.