Lauri Hussar to become new chief editor of Postimees

Lauri Hussar (vasakult), Merit Kopli ja Peep Kala.

PHOTO: Tairo Lutter

Lauri Hussar will become the editor-in-chief of Estonia's biggest daily Postimees next week.

«Postimees has an opinion. We will present our views regarding issues important to the society more clearly,» said Hussar who has worked in the public broadcaster ERR as a TV and radio presenter for the past 10 years.

According to Hussar, the goals of Postimees and Estonia's Constitution are the same -- preservation of the Estonian people, language and culture. He added that the way Postimees talks and writes about the Estonian society and state should be caring, responsible and critical, if necessary.

Hussar will take over from Merit Kopli who will become Estonia's cultural adviser in Berlin in August. In addition, Peep Kala will take over Kopli's place as board chairman of Postimees Grupp.

AS Postimees Grupp is part of the Eesti Meedia group. It publishes Estonian and Russian versions of the daily Postimees, regional newspapers Tartu Postimees, Parnu Postimees, Sakala, Virumaa Teataja, Jarva Teataja and Valgamaalane, the Russian-language Den za Dnjom, Maa Elu, the magazine 60+ and the digital magazine 30+.