Search for President turns into crap game


The interviews posted by Postimees with potential members of electoral body has created a stir in political circles, overthrown myths and made parties redo their math. 

Soc Dems, for one, will have to be glancing towards Reform of IRL candidates as support for Eiki Nestor is next to nonexistent.

Among soc dems chairmen of local councils, many were the men who privately admitted to be unable to see Mr Nestor in role of President.

Meanwhile, Reform is still facing the Marina Kaljurand or Siim Kallas choice. Among electoral body, the former was not too popular and fell to clear third after Allar Jõks and Mr Kallas.

True – the differences are minor.

Edgar Savisaar, set up by Centre, may end up supporting Mr Kallas at end of day. Meanwhile, he sees it beneficial to stir something up and test in-party loyalty in light of potential candidacy of Mailis Reps.

At that, eighty to 130 members of electoral body as it appears at the moment are undecided. Of these, some 25 are pondering various names. Some declined to speak. Over 60 are not thinking about it as yet. Some 20 were impossible for Postimees to reach.

All said, this is as the things stand right now.

By September – should the elections advance to electoral body – a lot may have changed. The candidates are under public scrutiny, as well as eye to eye in the regions.

And, finally, who could exclude a black horse emerging in electoral body after all.