A great mystery: the location of murder and transport of body

Risto Berendson
, reporter
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Photo: Stanislav Moškov / Den za Dnjom

One thing we will never know how is how the naked corpse of Varvara was transported to 400 metres from where she lived, to a forsaken lot behind an ice hockey arena. 

«Surely, the slayer knew the area very well,» says Andres Jaggo of Narva police department.

The murderer managed to take the body to where it was afterwards found while avoiding all security cameras in the neighbourhood, in the darkness of night.

Whether taken in the trunk of a car, or by foot and carried in something like a hockey bag – 146 centimetres tall, the little girl weighed about thirty kilograms – will never be explained.

Likewise, mystery shrouds the girl’s disappearance.

She seems to have vanished in thin air. During that time, lots of people were out and about in the neighbourhood – in the ice arena, the ice was free of charge and many went to skate.

Still, nobody witnessed a thing.

As it got dark, it was definitely easier for the criminal to take the body to the vacant lot. At night, the area is void of any movement.

«Two months later, we were looking for a missing boy around there, and the streets were absolutely empty at two to three in the night,» said Mr Jaggo.

According to autopsy, the girl was strangled to death with some cloth. Possibly, a band from her sports coat was used to that end.

The area was diligently searched, including attics and cellars.

The atmosphere was wrought as most active among volunteers searching for the body begun to suspect one another. In a detailed manner, closer acquaintances of the girl were scrutinised by the police, having to endure questionings.

None of that led anywhere, but was time consuming.

Thoroughly they checked the girl’s own family. «Honestly, considering what the family was going through, and the way they were coping, they were brave indeed,» acknowledged Mr Jaggo.