IRL sets up Jõks, soc dems nominate Nestor

Riigikogu esimees Eiki Nestor

PHOTO: Riigikogu

A step ahead was taken in the presidential race, yesterday. Boosted by IRL and the Free, sworn layer got his votes together to run at Riigikogu, while Soc Dems naturally rallied behind president of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor. This is but a prelude, though, for who would know the path the political talks will take. 

Over Facebook, Artur Talvik of the Free said they had swayed the former Chancellor of Justice Allar Jõks. Having met with Mr Jõks, IRL also announced support to Mr Jõks to be discussed at their general assembly. That would spell 22 votes at Riigikogu for Mr Jõks at the moment. 21 would do.

As was to be expected, Social Democrats rallied behind President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor. As the soc dems only have 15 deputies at the parliament, they will have to gain six votes from others.

Contrary to some, Soc Dems chairman Jevgeni Ossinovski is sure that Mr Nestor will get the tally together. Asked why, he vaguely stated the advantage of getting the President elected at round one which takes cross-party agreement. To get a president elected at round one at Riigikogu, 68 yes-votes are needed.

Mr Nestor acknowledged that being set up was no surprise for him, and he considers his election realistic.

He is all for getting elected right away at the parliament where «purely arithmetically only four candidates can be set up.»

IRL favours Mr Jõks as one whose «vision of Estonian future, functioning of the state, nationhood and tasks of the President coincide with our understanding. He best embodies the values important for IRL,» according to chairman Margus Tsahkna.

Round one of presidential elections is held in Riigikogu at the end of August. In Riigikogu, Reform Party has 30 mandates, Centre has 27, soc dems 15, IRL 14, the Free 8 and EKRE 7.