Editorial: errare humanum EST

EST Cola came out in 2012 as made by Serm Suk Public Company (Thailand).

PHOTO: bangkokhasyou.com

To boost the Estonian PR-endeavour, a friend from Holland called Peter Kentie has tabled a simple, playful and likable though not totally new idea. In just one day, it gained both fans and foes. The latter being greatly outnumbered. 

Calm down, folks! We’ve seen the relative fruitlessness of former brand searches. Perhaps, then, we would be humble enough now to cease from looking for a golden egg to ring the bell from Greenland to New Zealand and we could all stop working as money just pours in from pure fame.

So they say we are a place that is nicEST. Why not tEST it out? Can’t be too dangerous.

Felt weird to hear Enterprise Estonia (EAS) head to stiffly talk it down, yesterday. As if it only works in English culture space. Who couldn’t recall English language based plays on words used by countries and companies.

Hardly would these all be great in all the languages spoken in the world. And by the way: Peter Kentie did suggest a game wherein all the people on the planet may toss up their words with «EST».

Advertiser Marek Reinaas labelled the idea by Mr Kentie banal. True, nothing unheard-of here. A few years ago, Juku-Kalle Raid tried it out, and the «Welcome to ESTonia» by EAS does put the EST in block lettering.

So what? As opined by the very Juku-Kalle Raid, «ideas do dwell in air! Super cool!».

As for the painful reaction by EAS – understandably, after years upon years of failures and flops, the fear to err again is intense.

But, hey, relax! Errare humanum EST(onian)!