Th, 1.06.2023
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Tartu deputy mayor suspected of EUR 850,000 benefit fraud

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Photo: Margus Ansu

Kajar Lember, deputy mayor of Estonia's second largest city Tartu who was on Tuesday detained by the police for alleged bribe-taking, was still detained on Wednesday afternoon and is being suspected of benefit fraud in the amount of more than 850,000 euros.

Prosecutor Marek Vahing told the media on Wednesday that Lember was questioned on Wednesday morning. He said that Lember is still detained.

According to the prosecutor, a suspicion has been moved against Lember, according to which he is suspected of benefit fraud and accepting bribes.

Head of the unit for the investigation of economic crimes at the Central Criminal Police, Janek Maasik, said that the criminal matter started in the spring of 2014. He added that the case is focusing not only on Lember, but also the operations of a construction company. In all, 26 support applications are being investigated.

According to Maasik, Lember is being suspected of embezzling 856,000 euros.

The police on Tuesday detained Kajar Lember, deputy mayor of Tartu responsible for finance and enterprise, for alleged repeated bribe-taking. He has been detained for 48 hours.

According to the suspicion, the deputy mayor acted not in the interest of the city but in his own interest and in the interest of the bribe-giver, who was also detained as suspect on Tuesday.

As part of the same investigation premises of the Tartu city government were searched on Tuesday. Lember announced in the week before last that he will lay down his duties as deputy mayor.

The pretrial investigation is carried out by the unit for the investigation of economic crimes at the Central Criminal Police and headed by the South district prosecutor's office.

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