Reps rising as Presidential candidate for Centre

Mailis Reps

PHOTO: Eero Vabamägi

Riigikogu faction of Centre Party, distanced from chairman Edgar Savisaar, wishes to set up former education minister Mailis Reps as candidate for President.

The announcement may come at the end of this very week.

Ms Reps has been advised to do this by Centre faction head Kadri Simson, as well as Riigikogu vice speaker Jüri Ratas.

To the knowledge of Postimees, Ms Reps has said her yes to these two having taken the time to thoroughly consider the proposal.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Savisaar hinted he was interested in running himself. Within the party, the prevalent conviction is that Mr Savisaar will run almost to the end and will step put at a moment favourable for him.

As confided by a Centre faction member, this time Centre is «definitely determined to actively be President maker» as main opposition force.

Meanwhile, Reform is eyeing Centre for potential support for Siim Kallas or Marina Kaljurand.

For the squirrels, that would essentially be «down payment» for possibly cooperating in a governing coalition – not necessarily during this term but the cards will perhaps be played during local elections of 2017.

Especially with view that by then the political destiny of Mr Savisaar might be clearer.

To gain her necessary 21 supportive votes in Riigikogu, Ms Reps will probably have to have talks with other factions. To add internal tensions in Centre.

However, a Centre faction member thinks she just might get the «support by 21 within our faction.»

Asked by Postimees, Ms Reps admitted she was ready to run but added it was too early to specify.