Heart of Tallinn to undergo major facelift
3D animation added!

It all starts by the Tammsaare Park in city centre reconstructed, followed by new main street built. 

«From the sea and on along Narva Highway, we will have an entertainment and shopping zone splitting towards Solaris and Rotermann Quarter,» said Koko Architects partner Andrus Kõresaar.

Due to the main street and abovementioned «gallery», city centre will be pedestrian friendly and cars will not be passing thru in times to come.

Pursuant to current detailed plan, Kaubamaja Street will keep its public transport while getting extra greenery.  

For vehicles multi-layered underground parks will be the solution – with entry from Rävala Alley. Parking will also be increasingly available for bikes and scooters.

The project is labelled Tallinn 2020, to point to the desired deadline.