Next 12 refugees from Greece arrived in Estonia on Thursday

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On Thursday evening the next 12 refugees to be settled in Estonia under the European Union's migrant relocation program arrived in Estonia from Greece.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry told BNS that the 12 refugees arrived in Estonia on a regular passenger flight, and after meeting their support persons went to their new homes in Tallinn, Tartu and Haapsalu.

The group who arrived from Greece includes two families from Syria, one family from Iraq and one man from Yemen, spokespeople for the Ministry of the Interior said.

The five-member Syrian family has three preschool-age children. The father has studied to be a car mechanic and the mother has worked in the medical field. The three-member Syrian family has one school-age child. Both parents speak English and have studied at a university, but did not finish it. The woman has been a volunteer teacher and the man was a shopkeeper. The Yemeni man speaks English and has studied at a university. He has worked as a coordinator in a civil society organization. The three-member Iraqi family has one school-age child and the father is an electrician.

Officials of the Police and Border Guard Board, the Internal Security Service and the Ministry of Social Affairs have all conducted interviews with the refugees and Estonia has authorized accepting them into the country.

Estonia has previously accepted seven people from Greece under the European Union's migrant relocation program.