Editorial: a municipal Bollywood

Scene from the show.

PHOTO: uudised.err.ee

In a few cases such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan, actors have turned politicians. The other way round it is rare though Margaret Thatcher did it, playing herself in a sketch she wrote for «Yes Minister» ...

On April 23rd, Tallinn TV premiered the series «Savisaare protsess» (The Savisaar Process) part one.

The series is on the criminal investigation of Edgar Savisaar, the suspended-from-office Mayor of Tallinn.

At that, Mr Savisaar is played by the very Mr Savisaar.  

The series is aimed at portraying the sufferings befalling an innocent old man, and ill, by the politically biased law enforcement bodies.

The quality and acting has been critically reviewed and pollster TNS Emor data says part one was viewed by mere 13,000 people in Estonia.

The effect might be rather the opposite as a marginalisation of an outstanding Estonian politician comes weirdly into view... Regrettably, financed by the Tallinn taxpayer.