Accident prone Haabersti roundabout to turn into turbo crossing with viaduct
The works will last a year

From end of this year to autumn 2017, Estonia's top accident prone intersection i.e. the Haabersti, Tallinn roundabout will be built into a turbo crossing with viaduct and pedestrian tunnels, expected to make traffic much smoother. 

«The current roundabout will be replaced with turbo roundabout with traffic lights. No longer a roundabout really, every driver will have to go the chosen direction. Over across the crossing, we will build a viaduct to carry the Keila-Tallinn traffic,» said K-Projekt head Rein Annusver.

A park-and-travel parking lot will be build behind the Statoil filling station.

According to Mr Annusver, evening peak hours see 4,000–4,500 pass thru the intersection at the moment. A K-Projekt analysis says the new version will be capable to handle the allegedly bigger year 2035 traffic flow.

The works will cost about €19.6m, out of EU funds. Near-term, the traffic conditions in the area will be a bit intense with lots of rearrangements pending in administration of vehicle flows.


Estimated building volumes

  • Carriageway area 70,000 square metres
  • Viaduct length 600 metres
  • Cycle and pedestrian tracks area 16,739 square metres
  • Cycle and pedestrian tracks length 3,700 metres
  • Two pedestrian tunnels
  • Green area 48,000 square metres
  • Cost €19.6m

Source: K-Projekt