Wartime bomb neutralised by commando near Narva

Yesterday, East Estonian bomb commando neutralised a wartime plane-carried bomb FAB 250 in Vaivara Parish, East-Viru County. 

Preparations for the neutralising the 2.1 metres long bomb containing some hundred kilograms of explosives begun last Friday as it was found on a field. From mid-day yesterday, a section of Tallinn-Narva Highway at Olgina Village was closed for traffic for about five hours. During the operation, safety zone was established at 1,200 metre radius. 60 people were evacuated from an area of 4.5 square kilometres.   

Protective walls were heaped up around the bomb to keep potential splinters from flying everywhere. «The aim was to destroy the bomb without detonating it,» said Ragnar Reiljan in charge of the operation. By 4 pm, they succeeded without triggering full detonation.  

The experts on location said it was among the largest airplane bombs found in Estonia, while some have been bigger.