Sa, 28.01.2023
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Moment of truth: fat fines coming?

Risto Berendson
, reporter
Moment of truth: fat fines coming?
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Today, legal affairs committee at Riigikogu will decide whether to send doubling of fine unit bill to be voted at parliament or start over again with the much-criticized initiative. 

«Well we will see bout it in the committee, whether to send it in for the vote,» said responsible member at the committee regarding the bill, Raivo Aeg (IRL).

He said amendments-time is past and the issue now is whether to keep going with the topic or consider opening the entire discussion again from another angle.

«New ideologies have cropped up here regarding linking the fines to real salary, or have a points system,» said Mr Aeg. «These are ideas which cannot be added into the law just like that, but will need preparation.»

Meanwhile, €10m of additional revenue has already been written into this year’s state budget – so if the bill is not passed, the budget comes under pressure.

The sharp rise, however, is criticised by all non-political interest groups, claiming it creates a bunch of problems while not yielding the double income.

Rather, lots of people fined will run into trouble trying to get them paid.

Politicians have explained the rise by the fine last raised 15 years ago and now too low to have an effect. Opponents say this is deceptive talk.

They would like all to remember that as fine unit was raised in 2001, it was with a large «ahead» space. Therefore, Estonian traffic fines are among the highest in Europe and raising them is incomprehensible.  

Meanwhile, say they, traffic deaths are down thrice so road safety is no reason to be cited.