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Editorial: the emergency «pain in the neck»

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How numerous the admonitions even by Postimees, over the years: why go bother emergency docs with your sore throat? And yet, about half of those who demand the immediate kind of care could honestly do without.

Sure, when worried people tend to flock where it is easiest and most convenient. The system allowing. And when the system goes on overload, moralising isn’t the cure while system remains unchanged.

Curiously, the emergency units seem to have been complacent. Are they actually okay with the extra income on visits?

While the option to make money exists, no crime is committed as if.

Instead of even higher visit fee, why not refer the non-urgent patients to a specialist – but paying out of own pocket? The other option for the people would head to the family doctor the usual routine way.

Creating some options might be nicer that just sending some back home with their slighter problems.

Obviously, if the emergency units overload is as severe as we are constantly being told, a method needs to be invented to direct the human behaviour.

While at it, not in a manner coming across as unjust or repressive.

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