In Meremäe, Setos set up Morning of Miracles

Nils Niitra
, reporter
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The cock was still crowing when Meremäe, a whopping-for-Estonia 300 kilometers from Tallinn, burst into a folksy spectacle. That being a colorful mix of native singing, police summonsed by council chairman, no confidence declared towards parish elder to be promptly repealed as the guy was voted back into office. 

The coalition in opposition had planned it ever so carefully – a meeting planned for 8:30 am thus remarkably early for any parish or town. Nevertheless, some 70 people showed up to their dismay. And the early hour served to attract media attention to the parish of less than thousand locals.

It is all about the administrative reform and the potential creation of an All Seto Parish as merged from the three to four where they dwell.

The Grand Seto Idea

While locals are increasingly less enthusiastic about the Seto identity and feel it sounds somewhat demeaning – and thus desire to be known as simply Estonians – the parishes have attracted certain intellectuals all stirred about the Seto Idea and whipping it up all they can.

The idea is said to attract EU funds ...

Meanwhile, a political coalition has been set up to stand against the enthusiasts to bring about the merger. And has gained increased popularity. And they were the ones that the yesterday theatre was all about.

The coalition turned against parish elder who is for the Seto Idea and the merger.

Enter the Cops

As the Soc Dem elder Rein Järvelill was voted out, activists burst out singing/shrieking in protest. Police was summonsed to still the storm.

In two vehicles, these arrived to demand what was the obvious: let the session not be disturbed and please keep order.  

As peace was restored, the toppled Mr Järvelill got re-elected by some miracle – having been out of office for two long hours.

By some voter, the coalition must have been betrayed.