Foreign intelligence chief: Russia is only country threatening Estonia's independence

Teabeameti peadirektor Mikk Marran

PHOTO: Mihkel Maripuu

Russia is the only country that can jeopardize Estonia's independence or constitutional order, director general of the Estonian Information Board (EIB) Mikk Marran said on Wednesday.

When presenting the first public report of Estonia's foreign intelligence service on Wednesday, Marran said that two thirds of the publication "International Security and Estonia in 2016" focuses on Russia because Russia is the only country that poses a threat to Estonia's independence and constitutional order.

At the same time he stressed that EIB has no reason to believe that Russia would risk with a confrontation between Russia and NATO. «In the foreseeable future Russia's aggression against Estonia is extremely unlikely,» Marran said.

He considered possible that the conflicts that take place far from the region here, for instance the conflict in Syria, could have cells in the Baltic Sea region.

According to Marran Russia is a complex neighbor whose behavior cannot be predicted at times.