Editorial: the state reform ice is moving

PHOTO: youtube.com

Originating from Latin, «reform» means «change». Why are reforms needed? Firstly, to make something more effective incl cost-effective. As once quipped by former Russian deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov: «Reforms begin where money ends.»

Saving money is doubtless a main factor in Estonia’s state reform while others are added such as need for simplicity and flexibility. It does come with lay-offs, but initiators say that would be in line with the overall shrinkage of working age population in Estonia. Hopefully, they will notice the people behind the Excel columns.

Truth be told, the «state reform» is largely undefined. It might serve to converge administrative and governance reforms, say. The fist is underway with local governments being merged, the other part is an open book without as much as a timeline.

But, importantly, initial steps have been taken and slowly the abstract idea is taking some shape. «The ice has begun to move,» as uttered by the immortal Ostap Bender from «The Twelve Chairs» by Ilf and Petrov. Ice does move slowly but, as a rule, seeking solutions for a problem begins by acknowledging its existence.