Karin Tammemagi was dismissed from her job

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Karin Tammemagi, governor of the borough of North Tallinn, said on Wednesday she was dismissed from her job.

Tammemagi told journalists she has been having differences with her deputy Priit Kutser during a longer period of time and she was not the only member of the borough government at odds with Kutser.

Tammemagi added that it isn't possible for Kutser too to continue in his job, as only four out of the borough government's more than 60 employees back him.

«It's difficult to go on doing one's work if you don't have a team of your own,» Tammemagi said.

Tammemagi, who has served as borough governor for seven years, said she will definitely contest her dismissal as ungrounded. The Center Party member said that while it's true that she didn't get along with her deputy Priit Kutser, there was nothing in her performance as official that could be held against her.

Tammemagi said she hasn't made up her mind about leaving the Center Party yet. «I'm not going to make any rapid decisions on this. I've been in the party for more than ten years and at the congress I received a silver badge,» she added.

Tammemagi is to be released from her position based on a reasoned proposal by acting mayor Taavi Aas. The city government maintains that social relations in the borough government of North Tallinn have been bad for a long time.

Termination of the employment contract with Tammemagi has been added as a new item to the agenda of the Wednesday meeting of the Tallinn city government.