Editorial: an engine pulling wagons where artists sit

Olga Temnikova

PHOTO: Eero Vabamaegi/

Another year, another engine. The eleventh as awarded by culture desk at Postimees and illustrating the multiple tracks the creative trains travel around here. 

This year, we are celebrating the Temnikova & Kasela gallery, and specifically the engine of good contemporary art Olga Temnikova who’s taken Estonian art to people home and abroad and brought in exciting works from elsewhere.

Creativity and business – an interesting mix in the life of a gallerist. Naturally, setting up any exhibition is being creative.

On the other hand, up to a gallerist with her communication skills and contact network to help an artist be known and his works bought.

And works bought helps an artist keep going. Hardly ever happening in this world of competition without skilled, dedicated and creative helpers.

A tireless traveller to art fairs for six years, Olga Temnikova has communicated, communicated and communicated some more. The international merry-go-round of the events, the parties dragging into early hours of next day, and ready to go the next morning – to keep communicating.  

Takes more than charisma and talent. Takes persistence, and toil. Or as put by The Person: «Tirelessness and inadequate ambition. Not bad to have compassion towards the miserable rich.»