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Editorial: the Mt Power mess

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Looks like quite a mess this week in Riigikogu as Registered Partnership Act implementation provisions are again to be tackled. Would be fun to watch if it were not such a spectacle.

All of a sudden, members of Legal Affairs Committee interpret decisions explicitly taken in various ways. Also all of a sudden, the parliament has nothing as urgent to do as to affirm the next week addenda. With the pros and cons found in coalition and opposition alike, muddy may be the political bargaining. But what about the personal views? The broader interests of society? Of the state?

For Estonian society and legal space the partnership act will do no damage. Some get helped with practicalities. Regrettably, with all the energy wasted, it might just as well have been used for something existential for Estonia like the administrative reform, say.

The previous Riigikogu passed the partnership act in October 2014 and it was historically emotional. Though the votes were tight, all was according to representative democracy. The law entered into force this January 1st. Until the implementation provisions appear, the contracts and potential disputes will be for notaries and courts to settle.

True, the implementation provisions bill concerns amendments of 85 acts and legally there may be issues. While allegedly the amendments are technical, it is far from excluded that the act soon requires added alterations. And it all starts again.

But we must proceed. Going full speed, shifting into reverse will break the gearbox. Same with legislation. Populist trickery and hiding opinions behind formalities will surely be no help.

And, finally, let’s recall the good legal practice as underlining that «amendments in legislation lay not be arbitrary or treacherous towards addressees of a legislation.» The essential decision has been taken.

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