Estonian defense forces carry out first live fire exercise with Javelin anti-tank missiles

The Estonian defense forces on Friday carried out the first live fire exercise with the Javelin anti-tank guided missile system.

The exercise took place at the defense forces' central training ground and the missiles were fired by a member of the anti-tank platoon of the Viru Infantry Battalion and a member of the volunteer corps Kaitseliit (Defense League). One missile was fired at each of the two targets, one of them at a distance of 500 meters and the other 1,400 meters. Both shots hit the targets.

One shot was fired also from the MILAN anti-tank system currently used by the defense forces.

«The shooting went very well,» commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade Lt. Col. Veiko-Vello Palm said. «We had no doubt whatsoever that this weapons system works very well.»

«This represents a whole new level of our anti-tank capability,» Defense Minister Hannes Hanso told BNS. «The mobility of the Javelins, their very high technological level means we are today much better prepared for possible threats than we used to be.»

«Our major capabilities are developing at every front,» the defense minister added. «In addition to the Javelins, infantry fighting vehicles will start arriving this year. Our firepower will thus increase by leaps and bounds.»

Last November Javelin anti-tank missiles were used in a training exercise of the Viru Infantry Battalion at the Sirgala training range.

One shot from the Javelin anti-tank guided missile system costs around 73,000 euros.

In November 2014 Estonia signed a contract with the United States for the purchase of Javelin anti-tank missile systems worth 40 million euros. Estonia is to buy 80 Javelin firing devices and the contract leaves open a possibility for Estonia to buy another 40 devices if necessary.

The anti-tank systems are to be used by the defense forces and Kaitseliit. The system is to be fully utilized in 2016-2018.

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Posted by Marko Mihkelson on 22. jaanuar 2016. a.