And so I never ever shook the hand of Stallone ...

Sylvester Stallone at Golden Globes: «There comes a moment when you realise that in life, family is everything. For on your deathbed, you are judged by how you raised your children.»


A few observations, some thought-provoking and some less so, to sum up the Golden Globe weekend. 

In fairytales only, David beats Goliath. Not in real life. In a fairytale like «The Fencer», say. And that’s why it never beat «Son of Saul» at the Golden Globes.


In the press room at the awards gala, I closely observe people like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and Sylvester Stallone walk slowly by within metres. Enough to jump up, shake the winner hands, perhaps shoot a picture. And what do I do? Keep seated of course. Me the idiot.  


A phenomenon, really, how the less-than-hundred-member Hollywood Foreign Press Association has managed to turn the Golden Globes ceremony into a most popular galas in America – earning them millions of dollars.

On the other hand, it’s also called a total farce. No mercy from the host and comedian Ricky Gervais telling the stars seated in audience that nobody cares about the award save themselves, a trophy he called an embarrassment and worthless at best. «Just some metal that aged and slightly confused journalists want to hand over personally so they can get a selfie with you,» he hastened to apologise before those who failed to get the joke.

Which diminishes not the fact that they all want to be invited to this most waited-for party where they can relax somewhat. No wonder The Wrap did the readers’ poll offering votes who of the stars would get most drunk this time.


As «Son of Saul» authors are invited to the press conference right after the win, only one question is asked. A far cry from other categories. The hall packed with journalists is filled with an awkward silence. Afterwards, I read the transcription of the thanksgiving speech: even the director László Nemes has his name written wrong. So that’s the way it is with these non-English movies o’er the ocean... what matters to us may not to matter to others.


Here one just has to have a car. The press centre is across the street, but without a vehicle there’s no getting there – no way to cross.


Märt Avandi is a star indeed – as movie actors are in America – but the Estonian girl Liisa Koppel playing Marta in «The Fencer» – the same who up and beats the Goliath from Moscow at the fencing mach at the end of the film... the audience erupts every time she comes on the screen. And the unbelievable happened in Palm Springs: during the match, they began to cheer her on. So bring Liisa over and all things are possible. Even an Oscar.


Be not surprised by the answers most beautiful at the press conference coming from ... Sylvester Stallone (69) getting his very first Globe. «By your applause I am reminded that life isn’t over till it’s over. Meaning we must keep on trying till the end.»

«Life is like a baseball game with just one hit. You are given this one chance and you must take it. You cannot give up thinking so what I’ll try again next time! No next time, putting it plain.»

«In life, you’re your own main opponent. In the morning, you look in the mirror and there’s the opponent staring at you. Life is like a vapour: just when you feel you have got it all together, it all suddenly comes apart. That’s what makes Rocky relevant till today. Imperfect, he never stops striving towards perfection while knowing it is impossible.»

«There comes a moment when you realise that in life, family is everything. For on your deathbed, you are judged by how you raised your children.»



Who best expresses the worth of «The Fencer» is director of «The Brand New Testament», Jaco Van Dormael, who says it is a film on bravery, survival, and on how not to fear – which is especially important now that we are again having to learn how to overcome our fears and do what we want to do and what we believe in.