Editorial: playing on parental nerves



Unbelievable but true: results of ministerial regulation prepared for three years hit parents like bolt from the blue. Month-on-month, price for rental of technical aids shot thru the ceiling. 

It was only by last night that the assurance arrived from social insurance board that the big bills will not have to be paid after all. An exception would be made with children and compensation would be bigger than with disabled adults.

But even in case the end will be happy, the play on parental nerves is unbecoming indeed. Firstly: why did the minister sign a regulation so long in preparation just before it entered into force? This is against good practice and seems unjustified seeing the changes were planned for three years and the green light gotten by participants last July.  

Secondly: another example of poor communication. The result being client in the dark – the end user and the one personally concerned. With real people, real explanation is always a must – not a notification in legalese on an official website.

The apology of the state not having the list of the clients sounds ridiculous. Providers of the service do send these people the invoiced, don’t they? Sending information along with an invoice seems too difficult?

Doubtless, people in need need to be treated with dignity. Of that, communication is a vital part. Messing it up spells extra trouble to those troubled as it is.