Vehicles technically okayed for bribes

Helen Mihelson
, reporter
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Photo: Eero Vabamägi

In October and end of November, Central Criminal Police detained five technical inspectors in Tallinn and Sillamäe suspected in repeated acceptance of bribed ans falsification of documents. 

As conformed by prosecutor’s office, two OÜ Vlad Auto technical inspectors have been detained in Sillamäe, and three in Tallinn at Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS technical inspection facility.  

The individuals are suspected in providing positive results with vehicles not roadworthy up to over a hundred incidences.

«The data thus far accumulated shows in both cities the accepting of bribes was systematic,» said state prosecutor Steven-Hristo Evestus.

Mati Ombler of Central Criminal Police said they are constantly receiving information about such violations and the technical inspection spots are therefore under heightened scrutiny all over Estonia.