Parts hopes govt will stay together in spite of his candidacy

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Photo: Jaanus Lensment

Former Estonian Prime Minister Juhan Parts, nominated by the minister of finance for the Estonian seat in the European Court of Auditors (ECA), expressed hope on Friday that his nomination will not lead to a collapse of the government despite opposition to him by Social Democrats.

«On my part, I will do everything for this not to happen. Estonia needs a functioning government in a good mood,» he said of the prospect that the government coalition would break apart.

Finance Minister Sven Sester earlier on Friday moved the nomination of fellow Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) member Parts for the Estonian representative in ECA to the government despite opposition voiced to the Parts candidacy by coalition partner Social Democratic Party (SDE).

Parts said he believes that the discussion on the Estonian candidate for ECA has been so heated as a result of the absence of a concrete candidate.

«Now there is a decision and a concrete candidate. There are also concrete requirements for the person standing for that position and now it is possible conduct as assessment,» Parts said, adding that he was ready to answer all questions, including from SDE.

Parts, who has served as Estonia's auditor general, prime minister and minister of economic affairs, said that never in his previous jobs has he made any decisions harmful to Estonia.

Asked by BNS if he considers it a statesmanly act to run for a position knowing that there's very strong opposition to his candidacy and the candidacy will never be endorsed by the government, Parts said that «as far as the work of the chamber of auditors is concerned, I believe that I know it very well and have shown excellent performance.»

«To my mind, the criticism is absolutely not justified,» he said. «Now the government should weigh the candidates for their substance, like a personnel decision is supposed to be made. A personnel decision definitely can never be subjective to the end. And I'm altogether prepared for it that the government is able to make a good decision.»