Border treaty will open way to solution of many problems - Russian ambassador

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Photo: Jaanus Piirsalu

Successful ratification of the border treaty between Estonia and Russia will open a realistic prospect of solving many other issues, first of all expanding the legal base of bilateral relations, Russia's new Ambassador to Estonia Alexander Petrov told reporters in Tallinn on Tuesday.

«Successful ratification of the border treaty could give a stimulus to the solution of a whole bundle of other questions,» Petrov said, adding that the agreement is of signal significance and important for Estonian-Russian relations as a whole. Russia has in connection with the border treaty already prepared several agreements for instance in the field of customs and rescue, he said.

«The existence of a firmly fixed border is in my view the best answer to those who accuse us of some sort of aggressive intentions including with regard to Estonia. We are in favor of the border becoming more secure, of it being actually demarcated, and of there being no misunderstanding about it,» the Russian diplomat said.

According to Petrov members of the State Duma (lower house of the Russian parliament) hold different views on the border treaty but hopefully the vote will have a positive outcome. «I am certain that the majority will after all back the bill which will eliminate one of the longest standing problems in bilateral relations,» he said adding that it is to be hoped very much that there will be no negative surprises.

The ambassador said there are positive signs in the relations between the two countries, naming Estonian parliamentarians' recent visit to Moscow as one of them. A delegation of the State Duma could come on a return visit to Tallinn at the invitation of their Estonian colleagues already at the beginning of next year.