Saku, Estonia likes Saku, Japan

Saku Central Hospital, Japan.


Saku, Nagano prefecture, in Japan and Saku, Estonia officially entered an agreement of friendship in 2007. Unofficially, ties have been warm a lot longer. 

Saku Parish is the first and only Estonian local government sporting an official friendship agreement with a Japanese local government. Saku, Japan hosts a Japan-Estonia friendship society. This May and October, the Estonian Saku people again paid visits to Saku in Japan. Talks are underway regarding student exchange between the Sakus.

Last year, the Japanese Saku accomplished something remarkable indeed by staging the original musical «Koidula» the events of which date back to Estonian in the 19th century while capturing nuances of life in Japan. Estonian folk costumes were sewn as studied out over the Internet. In Estonian, they learned to sing our anthem. The Japanese Saku holds a stadium and a sports complex where, during run-up to Tokyo Olympics (2020), Estonian sportsmen are invited to hold a pre-camp.