Kosaku Yamaguchi-san

PHOTO: Riina Luik

An Enterprise Estonia (EAS) representative in Japan, Kosaku Yamaguchi-san vigorously does the «self-flagellation» thing whenever in a Kilingi-Nõmme sauna.

I work as EAS representative for foreign investments, exports and tourism in Japan, for over a decade. Of that, the most important part is presenting Estonia as a tourism destination. Before taking this job, I knew nothing about Estonia at all. By now, I have been to Estonia for about ninety (!) times. In last year alone, I did ten trips. What I love most is Saaremaa, Tallinn and Kilingi-Nõmme where I have a friend. Anytime I happen to be there, I never fail to go to sauna and do the «whipping» the way it is to be done.