Govt releases traitor Dressen from Estonian citizenship

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Photo: Ekraanitõmmis telesaate «Vesti v subbotu» videolt

The government here on Thursday released Aleksei Dressen, the counter-intelligence officer sentenced to jail in Estonia for spying for Russia and then exchanged for the Estonian security officer Eston Kohver serving a jail sentence in Russia, of his Estonian citizenship.

The decision was made on the basis of an application filed by Dressen at the end of August.

Dressen, former officer of the Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS), was sentenced to 16 years in jail by an Estonian court in 2012 for passing on classified information to Russia. He was swapped for Eston Kohver, an ISS officer jailed by Russia, on a bridge across River Piusa at the border checkpoint of Kunichina Gora on Sept. 26 this year.

Dressen became Estonian citizen through naturalization in 1993.