Police serves suspicions to MMS sellers

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Photo: Lugejapilt

This Tuesday, police raided homes of chlorine dioxide or MMS group leaders, finding chemical substance and filed the initial suspicions of misdemeanor procedure.  

«Three searches were conducted, substance was found which will undergo expert analysis, and then we go from there,» said Northern prefecture press representative. Initially, suspicions regard illegal economic activity. «Activities by more than one individual are being investigated,» specified the press rep.

The day before yesterday, Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) announced termination of employment relationship with machine building institute assistant Merili Kukuškin who has openly propagated use of toxic chlorine dioxide i.e. MMS. TTÜ communications chief Ain Parmas said promotion of toxic chlorine dioxide was out of harmony with TTÜ values.  

Group communication

Meanwhile, MMS group member family doctor Riina Raudsik announced via social media she was just an observer in the group of 3,200.

«As a doctor, I’m interested in all of health care. Interested in alternative medicine for decades, I see as a doctor how much conventional medicine can be helped by alternative and complementary therapies, supportive nutrition and thinking. I participate as observer in various Facebook groups on health and alternative therapy to see what it’s about. I have not propagated nor advised that patients take MMS (NaClO2)!»

Curiously, those commenting the message are wishing the doctor to stand steady. For instance, this is written by Riina Eigi-Sobolewska: «They are attacking where at all possible right now. Please don’t be intimidated.»

Ain Rammu, however, claims this is an attack by pharmacies union and the entire pharmaceuticals as they are losing income. «Peace, peace, as they are already busy digging their own hole.»

Medical news say Health Board has promised to contact Ms Raudsik in order to assess compatibility of services by the family doctor.

According to info reaching Postimees, at least two people have raised the issue at MMS group: «Could some authoritative individual then prove the healing virtue of MMS?» Also, they are asking why the hundreds healed by MMS – the Autistic children and others often talked about in the group – don’t step forward.

A user answered that the media in time will learn the background and the truth. «At the moment, they are just after any piece of info to trumpet; probably, they are running out of information and so they are still seeking for fresh victims,» wrote the individual.

Last week, the daily Eesti Päevaleht wrote about Estonia featuring a group considering toxic chlorine dioxide a panacea and giving it even to kids. Members of a closed Facebook group, the people think MMS is good to treat anything from the common cold to autism and AIDS. The accompanying vomiting and diarrhoea with children they view as evidence of therapeutic effect.  

Very hazardous

Health Board says MMS is mostly used in industry, as well as for disinfectant. Its intake is hazardous and may cause irreversible health damage. Vomiting, diarrhoea and feeling very ill may accompany use.  

University of Tartu clinical pharmacology professor Anti Kalda, with the abovementioned symptoms lasting over 24 hours people must definitely see family doctor. «With the general condition more serious, call the ambulance or visit emergency medicine department,» he said.

Mr Kalda underlined that the younger the child, the more decisive must be action taken by parent to alleviate the poisoning.