Student accused of shooting teacher pleads guilty

Marko Suurmägi
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The closed court session in Viljandi courthouse over student accused of killing a teacher at Paalalinna School begun by a large gathering of reporters and photographers in front of the building.

Half an hour before the court session was to start, numerous police vehicles were circling the house while lots of policemen were on the move. Finally, the youth arrived as transported in a police van such as is traditionally used to bring suspects to court. Untraditionally, the lad was led into the courthouse through a side door.

While entering, Vahur (16) was guarded by a host of policemen and his face was covered by the hood of a green sports costume.

At 12:30, the court press representative announced that the suspect has said the accusation was understandable to him and he pleads guilty therein. 

In her opening address, Southern prosecutor’s office chief prosecutor Kaire Hänilene presented a summary of the accusation and provided an overview of the evidence confirming the fact of the crime and its pre-planned intentionality.  

Lawyer to Vahur, sworn lawyer’s assistant Mihkel Gaver said the lad had admitted to being guilty. He said it would have to also be investigated during the court procedure whether the manslaughter may have been provoked.  

Pursuant to current agenda, the case will be deliberated at closed sessions also on September 22th to 25th, 30th, and on October 1st and 7th. During that time, evidence will be investigated, the accused, the victims and witnesses heard, and summations held. Presumably, the decision will be publicly declared on October 20th.

The prosecutor’s office is accusing the young man in killing a teacher at Viljandi’s Paalalinna School on October 27th last year. The lad also stands accused in illegal handling of firearm and cartridges. The accused is under arrest.