An evil person set fire to refugee's house

Vao pagulaskeskuse süüdatud hoonet käis vaatamas peaminister Taavi Rõivas, vasakul Ida prefektuuri juht Vallo Koppel.

PHOTO: Meelis Meilbaum / Virumaa Teataja

Yesterday, officials and media were busy around the burnt house of Vao refugees with the occasional villager daring to show up to take a look.  

The fire was reported 4:30 am. The lining at end of the house was on fire for about ten square meters.

«It was black smoke for starters, and it seemed there was something burning at the wall like a car tyre,» said a man across the street.

As the firemen arrived, smoke was coming from under the facade and the people had been lead out. The fire was put out in some ten minutes, and the work was over just before 6 am.

According to an asylum seeker, the alarm went on in the house and awoke them. «I wasn’t sleeping, just lying on the bed,» said the man. The family’s four kids slept on and the man said they never wakened them.

«Some were wise enough to grab an extinguisher as they exited, and started to put out the fire,» said the man.

At the spot, the people saw traces of oil pointing towards arson. The man thought it might be linked to the refugee talk all over the land. He said the locals are very peaceful, and there are no provocateurs from the outside around.

Yao Silven, a resident in the house next door only saw the results having awoken in the morning. The refugee is fearful such stuff may happen again, being the second incident in the centre. «The first time they broke three windows,» he recalls.

A local lady dwelling in the same building Elsa Pissarenko said the residents are friendly and helpful and «sometimes help to carry my heavy bags from bus stop.» She thinks the arson to be an outrage.  

Another woman named Milvi shared the emotions. She said these are peaceful people. «Leave them alone,» she said.

Rakvere police station chief Indrek Link said that though no one was hurt the incident was very serious. «There were over 50 people in the house including 13 children. Thus the consequences might have been severe.»

Senior prosecutor Sirje Merilo said criminal procedure has been launched citing arson.

The security cameras stationed in front and back of the house do not show the scene but may have caught the arrival and the departure of the culprit.